Truth is Light (collab with EDMX)
Mainz-Kastel, DE(2022)
When I first showed up to paint at MOS Germany, I was planning on painting on a totally different wall with a few other people. The problem: prior to arrival, none of the other artists had responded to my questions in order to pre-plan and figure out what to paint. For an extra flip, the organizers of the festival gave me this giant wall to paint by myself over the next 2-3 days. As I was sitting and planning what I could do and sketching something out, artist EDMX from Brazil approached me and asked if he could paint something with me (despite neither of us knowing what the other paints/how our works could potentially mesh). After an hour of sketching together and thinking what we could do, this is what we came up with based on the festival theme of "Truth is Light". 

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