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To start, a little intro of who I am. 

My name is Anthony Brooks, and I'm a visual artist originally from the greater Chicago area and currently based between the Midwestern United States and Berlin, Germany. 
For the last decade, I've worked as an illustrator, fine artist, and in the public arts as a muralist (though honestly, this last one has been an amalgamation of the previous two on a massive scale). In all of these, my main focus (and driving force) has been to help tell the stories of marginalized groups and topics from which many in society often look the other way. Sometimes these topics are heavier and focus on subjects like mental health, while other times they're more lighthearted and more widely relatable. We live in a universe where new stories are endlessly forming and taking place all around us and I feel it would be a shame to let these go unheard and/or forgotten.

In many of my works, I often incorporate traditional, digital, and 3D modeling/animation to plan out my stories/narratives and constantly strive to learn new skill sets and further
improve those that I already have in order to accomplish this more effectively. Throughout the various facets of the art world, I’ve worked with a wide range of clients, from individuals to entire towns wanting to tell their history on the side of a 30m tall building. As such, I’m accustomed to iterative design, working solo and on teams, and can adapt well within constraints to breathe life into a variety of concepts.
I'm open to hearing about any collaborations and potential commissions, so if you see anything you like, and think I might be a great fit for your projects, please don‘t hesitate to reach out.

A downloadable PDF of my current resume, as well as Illustration and Public Art portfolios, is available via the button below. ​​​​​​​
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