The Morning Sun
Lafayette, IN USA (2020)

In late September 2020, on one of the projects for Wabash Walls and Tippecanoe Arts Federation, I painted my first piece on the street. I was originally asked to paint something rather simple as a crosswalk design, but aside from something anamorphic, I couldn't think of anything that really fit those parameters. So I asked if I could paint a figure whose main viewing angle would be from an aerial view and was told, "Sure!"
The concept behind it ties into another piece that I did in Lafayette, IN, and relates to the Gaelic Beltane Festival, which (from my reading), is a festival celebrating the beginning of summer (among other things). The name "Beltane" refers to the fire that accompanies the festivals and oftentimes, yellow flowers were used symbolically as a representation of that. While a sunflower isn't really a summertime flower, I really liked its imagery and the symbolism behind it being both a source of sunlight and warmth as well as something beautiful and open. The concept behind the piece as a whole is that of a folk musician playing a song for the neighborhood to hear and appreciate. Something that they will walk by/over every day, and will get to see anew whenever they look at google maps.
It was a bit tricky to do in the timeframe, and working around lane closures (we had 2 days from 7am to noon with half the road being closed each day, and one full day), but I really loved doing this one and it was a nice test of blending my illustrations with my paintings.
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